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PHRI - Analytical Imaging Facility (BSL2 and BSL3 services)

Important User Information

AIF Scientific Director
Eliseo Eugenin, Ph.D., (973) 854-3150
AIF Coordinator
Nancy Ruel, Ph.D., (269) 277-2434
Mass spectrometry
Brendan Prideaux, Ph.D., (973) 854-3162
Building: International Center for Public Health
225 Warren Ave, Newark NJ.
Room: PHRI, RBL 2200

As a federally supported institute, the Public Health Research Institute (PHRI) investigates infectious agents that have the potential to threaten the greater public health, in particular Biosafety level 2/3 work. Microscopy and other imaging techniques are essential and powerful tools providing unique information for scientific investigations. Our facility offers the current methods in modern imaging to biomedical scientists of all levels of expertise and ensures the highest levels of biosafety.


- Image based experimental design
- Light, multi-channel fluorescence, and confocal microscopy (assisted or training followed by unassisted use)
- Live cells, fixed cells and tissue imaging
- Sample preparation: staining and processing of cells and tissues
- Spectral karyotyping and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
- Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and fluorescent microscopy
- Correlative fluorescence -Deconvolutio
- Time-lapse with multiple stage positions
- Microinjection and single cell electroporation
- Non invasive full animal imaging -Localization of molecules in tissue and cell culture by MALD/MSI
- Offsite electron microscopy: SEM and TEM

- Nikon A1Rsi Confocal imaging system
- Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 Live cell imaging system
  Confocal imaging (Limited)
  Microinjection systems
  Fluorescence microscope
- Zeiss Axiovert 123M Fluorescence microscope
- Bio-Rad Confocal Confocal imaging system
- Nikon Diaphot Microinjection systems
- Nikon Diaphot, (BSL2) Microinjection systems
- (2) Low resolution microscope/camera Light microscopy
- Electron Microscopy Services Rates upon request
- MALDI-MSI Imaging System MALDI-MSI system
- Caliper IVIS Spectrum, (Non-Invasive) Animal imaging system
- Imaging Analysis Work Stations Image analysis

*) For specifications of the microscopes and equipment in our imaging facility follow this link


An overview of the fees to utilize our imaging facility can be downloaded by selecting this link
Equipment time and services are available on an hourly-based schedule.

Organization of PHRI Analytical Imaging Facility

For an overview of the organization of PHRI Analytical Imaging Facility, select this link

Additional Information

Important: Because our work involves pathogens, we require adherence to regulations or approvals by standard operating procedures (SOP), institutional review boards (IRB) and institutional biosafety committees (IBC) for all experiments. *For additional questions regarding biosafety, Please contact Jessica McCormick: office phone (973) 972-8424.

All users require basic training before using any microscope or equipment in our facility. Advanced training available for certain equipment.

*Discussion of a project with PHRI/AIF staff prior to starting is advised in order to obtain useful and high quality data, as well as to discuss potential biohazard concerns.

Our facility works together with the Experimental Histology and Confocal Imaging Core to provide services of Histology. (Contact: Luke Fritzky, MS, 973-972-8101, e-mail: fritzklf@rutgers.edu ).

Contact Person

Eliseo A. Eugenin, Ph.D.
Public Health Research Institute Center and
at the International Center for Public Health
New Jersey Medical School - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
225 Warren Street
Newark, New Jersey 07103, USA

Phone: (973) 854-3150
Fax: (973) 854-3102
e-mail: eugeniea@njms.rutgers.edu

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