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   Thomas Dick, Ph.D.
   Karl Drlica, Ph.D.
   David Dubnau, Ph.D.
   Eliseo A. Eugenin, Ph.D.
   Marila Gennaro, M.D.
   Fred Kramer, Ph.D.
   Barry Kreiswirth, Ph.D.
   Min Lu, Ph.D.
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   Marcela Rodriguez, Ph.D.
   Lanbo Shi, Ph.D.
   Selvakumar Subbian, Ph.D.
   Sanjay Tyagi, Ph.D.
   Christopher Vinnard, M.D.
   Chaoyang Xue, Ph.D.
   Xilin Zhao, Ph.D.

   Research Faculty
   Liang Chen, Ph.D.
   Eugenie Dubnau, Ph.D.
   Jeanette Hahn, Ph.D.
   Salvatore Marras, Ph.D.
   Yanan Zhao, Ph.D.

Emeritus Faculty Recent Publications
Eliseo A. Eugenin, Ph.D.

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Public Health Research Institute Center and
at the International Center for Public Health
New Jersey Medical School - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
225 Warren Street
Newark, New Jersey 07103, USA

Phone: (973) 854-3150
Fax: (973) 854-3201
e-mail: eugeniea@njms.rutgers.edu

Research Summary

Viral infection of the central nervous system (CNS) by viruses that attack the CNS, such as HIV, dengue, Japanese encephalitis, SARS and others, can result in neurologic dysfunction with devastating consequences in the infected individuals. The mechanisms that results in CNS invasion, inflammation and loss of neurons by these viruses are unknown. However, we hypothesize that blood brain barrier compromise, microglia/macrophage activation, secretion of inflammatory factors, and compromise of glial and neuronal survival/function are key features of these viral CNS infections.

Our current focus is in HIV, however, we will expand our scope of research to others viruses that invade the CNS and cause CNS compromise and death.

The main focuses of our research are:

1. The role of connexin and pannexin containing channels, gap junctions and hemichannels, in the pathogenesis of NeuroAIDS. Our studies demonstrated that these channels play a key role in the amplification of CNS damage from few HIV infected astrocytes to uninfected surrounding cells. We focus our research in the infection of glial cells and in the mechanisms of viral reactivation.

2. The role of pannexin-1 hemichannels, purinergic receptors and ATP in the HIV life cycle. Our studies demonstrated that these channels/receptors/neurotransmitters work together in human primary macrophages and CD4+ T lymphocytes to facilitate HIV infection and replication. Our major focus is to identify the different stages of the viral life cycle regulated by these channels/receptors/neurotransmitters.

3. To examine the role of tunneling nanotubes (TNT) in HIV spread and infection between immune cells. The major focus is to analyze the role of TNT during HIV infection and their role in cell to cell infection and inflammation.

4. The role of drugs of abuse in CNS communication and susceptibility to infections. Our data indicated that drugs of abuse have profound effects on CNS communication, gap junctions and synaptic receptors, altering signaling coordination and neuronal/glial communication. In addition, drugs of abuse “weaken” key CNS structures such as the BBB, allowing pathogens to invade the brain more easily. Our laboratory is examining the cellular and molecular mechanism by which drugs of abuse enhances CNS invasion and compromise CNS function.

Experimental approach: We use cellular and molecular biological techniques to study the expression, post-transcriptional modifications and intercellular trafficking of neurotransmitters and their receptors, chemokines/cytokines as well as electrophysiology. Our approach involves the use of primary immune and CNS cells and tissues and samples obtained from individuals with NeuroAIDS.

Video Introductions

The main goal of the Eugenin Lab is to discover how HIV is able to survive in the human body. In these videos, Associate Professor Eliseo Eugenin and his students describe their work with HIV as it presents itself in NeuroAids and in the cellular migration of HIV-infected T cells, as well as their related work with other, emerging pandemic viruses.

Doctoral student Paul Castellano studies HIV-infected cells of the central nervous system. In these cells, intrinsic apoptotic pathways are disrupted which leads to extended survival of infected cells that prolong infection and inflammation. Paul is targeting these disrupted pathways in order to eliminate HIV infection by allowing naturally occurring apoptosis to run its course.

Immune cells, including T cells, express a key membrane protein called Pannexin1 that forms a membrane channel. These channels regulate the release of intracellular messengers into the extracellular space, including ATP, PGEs, and ions. The Eugenin Lab previously demonstrated that the opening of these channels is essential for HIV infectivity and replication. Clearly, infectivity and replication are related to ethnicity, thus doctoral student Stephani Velasquez is examining the role of these channels in HIV replication and chemokine-mediated migration.

Selected Publications

Coley JS, Calderon TM, Gaskill PJ, Eugenin EA, Berman JW (2015) Dopamine Increases CD14+CD16+ Monocyte Migration and Adhesion in the Context of Substance Abuse and HIV Neuropathogenesis. PLoS One 10: e0117450. PMI: 25647501

Carvallo L, Lopez L, Che FY, Lim J, Eugenin EA, Williams DW, Nieves E, Calderon TM, Madrid-Aliste C, Fiser A, Weiss L, Angeletti RH, Berman JW (2015) Buprenorphine Decreases the CCL2-Mediated Chemotactic Response of Monocytes. J Immunol. PMI: 25716997

Velasquez S, Eugenin EA (2014) Role of Pannexin-1 hemichannels and purinergic receptors in the pathogenesis of human diseases. Front Physiol 5: 96. PMI: 24672487

Subbian S, Eugenin E, Kaplan G (2014) Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in latently infected lungs by immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy. J Med Microbiol 63: 1432-1435. PMI: 25161200

Rella CE, Ruel N, Eugenin EA (2014) Development of imaging techniques to study the pathogenesis of biosafety level 2/3 infectious agents. Pathog Dis 72: 167-173. PMI: 24990818

Rao VR, Neogi U, Eugenin E, Prasad VR (2014) The gp120 protein is a second determinant of decreased neurovirulence of Indian HIV-1C isolates compared to southern African HIV-1C isolates. PLoS One 9: e107074. PMI: 25188269

Orellana JA, Saez JC, Bennett MV, Berman JW, Morgello S, Eugenin EA (2014) HIV increases the release of dickkopf-1 protein from human astrocytes by a Cx43 hemichannel-dependent mechanism. J Neurochem 128: 752-763. PMI: 24134157

Orellana JA, Busso D, Ramirez G, Campos M, Rigotti A, Eugenin J, von Bernhardi R (2014) Prenatal nicotine exposure enhances Cx43 and Panx1 unopposed channel activity in brain cells of adult offspring mice fed a high-fat/cholesterol diet. Front Cell Neurosci 8: 403. PMI: 25520621

Liu TB, Subbian S, Pan W, Eugenin E, Xie J, Xue C (2014) Cryptococcus inositol utilization modulates the host protective immune response during brain infection. Cell Commun Signal 12: 51. PMI: 25201772

Eugenin EA (2014) Role of connexin/pannexin containing channels in infectious diseases. FEBS Lett 588: 1389-1395. PMI: 24486013

Daep CA, Munoz-Jordan JL, Eugenin EA (2014) Flaviviruses, an expanding threat in public health: focus on dengue, West Nile, and Japanese encephalitis virus. J Neurovirol 20: 539-560. PMI: 25287260

Cheshenko N, Trepanier JB, Gonzalez PA, Eugenin EA, Jacobs WR, Jr., Herold BC (2014) Herpes simplex virus type 2 glycoprotein H interacts with integrin alphavbeta3 to facilitate viral entry and calcium signaling in human genital tract epithelial cells. J Virol 88: 10026-10038. PMI: 24942591

Castellano P, Eugenin EA (2014) Regulation of gap junction channels by infectious agents and inflammation in the CNS. Front Cell Neurosci 8: 122. PMI: 24847208

Williams DW, Calderon TM, Lopez L, Carvallo-Torres L, Gaskill PJ, Eugenin EA, Morgello S, Berman JW (2013) Mechanisms of HIV entry into the CNS: increased sensitivity of HIV infected CD14+CD16+ monocytes to CCL2 and key roles of CCR2, JAM-A, and ALCAM in diapedesis. PLoS One 8: e69270. PMI: 23922698

Rao VR, Neogi U, Talboom JS, Padilla L, Rahman M, Fritz-French C, Gonzalez-Ramirez S, Verma A, Wood C, Ruprecht RM, Ranga U, Azim T, Joska J, Eugenin E, Shet A, Bimonte-Nelson H, Tyor WR, Prasad VR (2013) Clade C HIV-1 isolates circulating in Southern Africa exhibit a greater frequency of dicysteine motif-containing Tat variants than those in Southeast Asia and cause increased neurovirulence. Retrovirology 10: 61. PMI: 23758766

Qian X, Hulit J, Suyama K, Eugenin EA, Belbin TJ, Loudig O, Smirnova T, Zhou ZN, Segall J, Locker J, Phillips GR, Norton L, Hazan RB (2013) p21CIP1 mediates reciprocal switching between proliferation and invasion during metastasis. Oncogene 32: 2292-2303, 2303 e2291-2297. PMI: 22751124

Patel D, Desai GM, Frases S, Cordero RJ, DeLeon-Rodriguez CM, Eugenin EA, Nosanchuk JD, Martinez LR (2013) Methamphetamine enhances Cryptococcus neoformans pulmonary infection and dissemination to the brain. MBio 4. PMI: 23900172

Orellana JA, Velasquez S, Williams DW, Saez JC, Berman JW, Eugenin EA (2013) Pannexin1 hemichannels are critical for HIV infection of human primary CD4+ T lymphocytes. J Leukoc Biol 94: 399-407. PMI: 23456773

Megra B, Eugenin E, Roberts T, Morgello S, Berman JW (2013) Protease resistant protein cellular isoform (PrP(c)) as a biomarker: clues into the pathogenesis of HAND. J Neuroimmune Pharmacol 8: 1159-1166. PMI: 23616272

Mavrianos J, Berkow EL, Desai C, Pandey A, Batish M, Rabadi MJ, Barker KS, Pain D, Rogers PD, Eugenin EA, Chauhan N (2013) Mitochondrial two-component signaling systems in Candida albicans. Eukaryot Cell 12: 913-922. PMI: 23584995

Liu TB, Kim JC, Wang Y, Toffaletti DL, Eugenin E, Perfect JR, Kim KJ, Xue C (2013) Brain inositol is a novel stimulator for promoting Cryptococcus penetration of the blood-brain barrier. PLoS Pathog 9: e1003247. PMI: 23592982

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Doctoral Degree, Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile, 2001.
Degree in Biochemistry, Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile, 1996.

Professional experience

Postdoctoral Studies, The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Pathology, 2001-2004.
Instructor Scientific, The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Pathology, 2005-2007.
Assistant Professor of Pathology, The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Pathology, 2007-2012.

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