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Scientific Overview Research Interest Summary Principal Investigators    Yuri Bushkin, Ph.D.
   Theresa Chang, Ph.D.
   Neeraj Chauhan, Ph.D.
   Véronique Dartois, Ph.D.
   Thomas Dick, Ph.D.
   Karl Drlica, Ph.D.
   David Dubnau, Ph.D.
   Eliseo A. Eugenin, Ph.D.
   Marila Gennaro, M.D.
   Fred Kramer, Ph.D.
   Barry Kreiswirth, Ph.D.
   Min Lu, Ph.D.
   Leonard Mindich, Ph.D.
   Arkady Mustaev, Ph.D.
   Jyothi Nagajyothi, Ph.D.
   David Perlin, Ph.D.
   Abraham Pinter, Ph.D.
   Marcela Rodriguez, Ph.D.
   Lanbo Shi, Ph.D.
   Selvakumar Subbian, Ph.D.
   Sanjay Tyagi, Ph.D.
   Christopher Vinnard, M.D.
   Chaoyang Xue, Ph.D.
   Xilin Zhao, Ph.D.

   Research Faculty
   Liang Chen, Ph.D.
   Eugenie Dubnau, Ph.D.
   Jeanette Hahn, Ph.D.
   Salvatore Marras, Ph.D.
   Yanan Zhao, Ph.D.

Emeritus Faculty Recent Publications
Selvakumar Subbian, Ph.D.

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Public Health Research Institute Center

New Jersey Medical School - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
225 Warren Street, Rm W250.Q
Newark, New Jersey 07103

Phone: (973) 854-3226
e-mail: subbiase@njms.rutgers.edu

Research Summary

Dr. Subbian’s expertise encompasses studies of human disease and animal models to better understand host immune responses in the pathogenesis of mycobacterial infections. The major research activities in the lab are focused towards understanding the host-pathogen interactions in active tuberculosis (TB) and latent infection (LTBI) and determining the host immunological determinants that are responsible for the progression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) infection to active TB disease versus LTBI using in vitro (primary cells and cell lines of human and murine origin) and in vivo (mice and rabbit) models of infection with clinical isolates of Mtb. His group has characterized the kinetics of disease progression (active TB) or control of infection (LTBI) in rabbit lungs using histological, immunological and genome-wide transcriptional profiling. They have delineated the early differences in the host immunological profile in rabbit lung that determines the diverse outcome following infection, and compared the differences in immunopathology between active TB and LTBI throughout the course of infection. Other areas of active research include exploring the possibilities of host-directed, adjunctive immune modulation as an intervention to improve current TB treatment with antibiotics.

Selected Publications

Subbian S, Tsenova L, Holloway J, Peixoto B, O'Brien P, Dartois V, Khetani V, Zeldis JB, Kaplan G (2016) Adjunctive Phosphodiesterase-4 Inhibitor Therapy Improves Antibiotic Response to Pulmonary Tuberculosis in a Rabbit Model. EBioMedicine 4: 104-114. PMI: 26981575

Subbian S, Koo MS, Tsenova L, Khetani V, Zeldis JB, Fallows D, Kaplan G (2016) Pharmacologic Inhibition of Host Phosphodiesterase-4 Improves Isoniazid-Mediated Clearance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Front Immunol 7: 238. PMI: 27379099

Shi L, Eugenin E, Subbian S (2016) Immunometabolism in Tuberculosis. Front Immunol 7: 150. PMI: 27148269

Subbian S, Tsenova L, Kim MJ, Wainwright HC, Visser A, Bandyopadhyay N, Bader JS, Karakousis PC, Murrmann GB, Bekker LG, Russell DG, Kaplan G (2015) Lesion-Specific Immune Response in Granulomas of Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Pilot Study. PLoS One 10: e0132249. PMI: 26133981

Subbian S, Pandey R, Soteropoulos P, Rodriguez GM (2015) Vaccination with an Attenuated Ferritin Mutant Protects Mice against Virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis. J Immunol Res 2015: 385402. PMI: 26339659

Tsenova L, O'Brien P, Holloway J, Peixoto B, Soteropoulos P, Fallows D, Kaplan G, Subbian S (2014) Etanercept exacerbates inflammation and pathology in a rabbit model of active pulmonary tuberculosis. J Interferon Cytokine Res 34: 716-726. PMI: 24831609

Subbian S, Eugenin E, Kaplan G (2014) Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in latently infected lungs by immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy. J Med Microbiol 63: 1432-1435. PMI: 25161200

Liu TB, Subbian S, Pan W, Eugenin E, Xie J, Xue C (2014) Cryptococcus inositol utilization modulates the host protective immune response during brain infection. Cell Commun Signal 12: 51. PMI: 25201772

Subbian S, O'Brien P, Kushner NL, Yang G, Tsenova L, Peixoto B, Bandyopadhyay N, Bader JS, Karakousis PC, Fallows D, Kaplan G (2013) Molecular immunologic correlates of spontaneous latency in a rabbit model of pulmonary tuberculosis. Cell Commun Signal 11: 16. PMI: 23448601

Subbian S, Bandyopadhyay N, Tsenova L, O'Brien P, Khetani V, Kushner NL, Peixoto B, Soteropoulos P, Bader JS, Karakousis PC, Fallows D, Kaplan G (2013) Early innate immunity determines outcome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pulmonary infection in rabbits. Cell Commun Signal 11: 60. PMI: 23958185

Manca C, Koo MS, Peixoto B, Fallows D, Kaplan G, Subbian S (2013) Host targeted activity of pyrazinamide in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. PLoS One 8: e74082. PMI: 24015316

Das R, Koo MS, Kim BH, Jacob ST, Subbian S, Yao J, Leng L, Levy R, Murchison C, Burman WJ, Moore CC, Scheld WM, David JR, Kaplan G, MacMicking JD, Bucala R (2013) Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is a critical mediator of the innate immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110: E2997-3006. PMI: 23882081

Subbian S, Tsenova L, O'Brien P, Yang G, Kushner NL, Parsons S, Peixoto B, Fallows D, Kaplan G (2012) Spontaneous latency in a rabbit model of pulmonary tuberculosis. Am J Pathol 181: 1711-1724. PMI: 22960076

Koo MS, Subbian S, Kaplan G (2012) Strain specific transcriptional response in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infected macrophages. Cell Commun Signal 10: 2. PMI: 22280836

Subbian S, Tsenova L, Yang G, O'Brien P, Parsons S, Peixoto B, Taylor L, Fallows D, Kaplan G (2011) Chronic pulmonary cavitary tuberculosis in rabbits: a failed host immune response. Open Biol 1: 110016. PMI: 22645653

Subbian S, Tsenova L, O'Brien P, Yang G, Koo MS, Peixoto B, Fallows D, Zeldis JB, Muller G, Kaplan G (2011) Phosphodiesterase-4 inhibition combined with isoniazid treatment of rabbits with pulmonary tuberculosis reduces macrophage activation and lung pathology. Am J Pathol 179: 289-301. PMI: 21703411

Subbian S, Tsenova L, O'Brien P, Yang G, Koo MS, Peixoto B, Fallows D, Dartois V, Muller G, Kaplan G (2011) Phosphodiesterase-4 inhibition alters gene expression and improves isoniazid-mediated clearance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in rabbit lungs. PLoS Pathog 7: e1002262. PMI: 21949656

Koo MS, Manca C, Yang G, O'Brien P, Sung N, Tsenova L, Subbian S, Fallows D, Muller G, Ehrt S, Kaplan G (2011) Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibition reduces innate immunity and improves isoniazid clearance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the lungs of infected mice. PLoS One 6: e17091. PMI: 21364878

Kong Y, Yao H, Ren H, Subbian S, Cirillo SL, Sacchettini JC, Rao J, Cirillo JD (2010) Imaging tuberculosis with endogenous beta-lactamase reporter enzyme fluorescence in live mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107: 12239-12244. PMI: 20566877

Kong Y, Subbian S, Cirillo SL, Cirillo JD (2009) Application of optical imaging to study of extrapulmonary spread by tuberculosis. Tuberculosis (Edinb) 89 Suppl 1: S15-17. PMI: 20006298

Khounlotham M, Subbian S, Smith R, 3rd, Cirillo SL, Cirillo JD (2009) Mycobacterium tuberculosis interferes with the response to infection by inducing the host EphA2 receptor. J Infect Dis 199: 1797-1806. PMI: 19426113

Cirillo SL, Subbian S, Chen B, Weisbrod TR, Jacobs WR, Jr., Cirillo JD (2009) Protection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from reactive oxygen species conferred by the mel2 locus impacts persistence and dissemination. Infect Immun 77: 2557-2567. PMI: 19349422

Park B, Subbian S, El-Etr SH, Cirillo SL, Cirillo JD (2008) Use of gene dosage effects for a whole-genome screen to identify Mycobacterium marinum macrophage infection loci. Infect Immun 76: 3100-3115. PMI: 18443095

Dusthackeer A, Kumar V, Subbian S, Sivaramakrishnan G, Zhu G, Subramanyam B, Hassan S, Nagamaiah S, Chan J, Paranji Rama N (2008) Construction and evaluation of luciferase reporter phages for the detection of active and non-replicating tubercle bacilli. J Microbiol Methods 73: 18-25. PMI: 18272245

Subbian S, Narayanan S (2007) Identification and characterization of the regulatory elements of the inducible acetamidase operon from Mycobacterium smegmatis. Can J Microbiol 53: 599-606. PMI: 17668018

Subbian S, Mehta PK, Cirillo SL, Cirillo JD (2007) The Mycobacterium marinum mel2 locus displays similarity to bacterial bioluminescence systems and plays a role in defense against reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. BMC Microbiol 7: 4. PMI: 17239244

Subbian S, Mehta PK, Cirillo SL, Bermudez LE, Cirillo JD (2007) A Mycobacterium marinum mel2 mutant is defective for growth in macrophages that produce reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species. Infect Immun 75: 127-134. PMI: 17030568

Mehta PK, Pandey AK, Subbian S, El-Etr SH, Cirillo SL, Samrakandi MM, Cirillo JD (2006) Identification of Mycobacterium marinum macrophage infection mutants. Microb Pathog 40: 139-151. PMI: 16451826

El-Etr SH, Subbian S, Cirillo SL, Cirillo JD (2004) Identification of two Mycobacterium marinum loci that affect interactions with macrophages. Infect Immun 72: 6902-6913. PMI: 15557611

Narayanan S, Selvakumar S, Aarati R, Vasan SK, Narayanan PR (2000) Transcriptional analysis of inducible acetamidase gene of Mycobacterium smegmatis. FEMS Microbiol Lett 192: 263-268. PMI: 11064205


BSc (Biochemistry), Bharathiyar University Coimbatore, India. 1990-1993.

MSc (Biomedical Genetics), University of Madras, Chennai, India. 1993-1995.

Ph.D (Basic Medical Sciences), Tuberculosis Research Center, Chennai, India. 1996-2003.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Veterinary and Basic Sciences, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE. 2003 – 2005.

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Microbial and Molecular Pathogenesis, Texas AM Health Science Center, College Station, TX. 2005 – 2008.

Research Teaching Specialist, Lab. of Mycobacterial Immunity and Pathogenesis, Public Health Research Institute Center at Univ. of Medical and Dentistry of New Jersey, NJ. 2008 – 2013.

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