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Yang X, Wedajo W, Yamada Y, Dahlroth S-L, Neo JJ-L, Dick T, Chui W-K (2018) 1,3,5-triazaspiro[5.5]undeca-2,4-dienes as selective Mycobacterium tuberculosis dihydrofolate reductase inhibitors with potent whole cell activity. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. PMI:

Valdebenito S, Barreto A, Eugenin EA (2018) The role of connexin and pannexin containing channels in the innate and acquired immune response. Biochim Biophys Acta 1860: 154-165. PMI: 28559189

Tanner AW, Carabetta VJ, Dubnau D (2018) ClpC and MecA, components of a proteolytic machine, prevent Spo0A-P-dependent transcription without degradation. Mol Microbiol. PMI: 29446505

Sarathy JP, Via LE, Weiner D, Blanc L, Boshoff H, Eugenin EA, Barry CE, 3rd, Dartois VA (2018) Extreme Drug Tolerance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Caseum. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 62. PMI: 29203492

Luan G, Hong Y, Drlica K, Zhao X (2018) Suppression of reactive-oxygen-species accumulation accounts for paradoxical bacterial survival at high quinolone concentration. . Antimicrob. Agents Chemother 62: (in press). PMI:

Khandelwal NK, Chauhan N, Sarkar P, Esquivel BD, Coccetti P, Singh A, Coste AT, Gupta M, Sanglard D, White TC, Chauvel M, d'Enfert C, Chattopadhyay A, Gaur NA, Mondal AK, Prasad R (2018) Azole resistance in a Candida albicans mutant lacking the ABC transporter CDR6/ROA1 depends on TOR signaling. J Biol Chem 293: 412-432. PMI: 29158264

Joon S, Ragunathan P, Sundararaman L, Nartey W, Kundu S, Manimekalai MSS, Bogdanovic N, Dick T, Gruber G (2018) The NMR solution structure of Mycobacterium tuberculosis F-ATP synthase subunit epsilon provides new insight into energy coupling inside the rotary engine. FEBS J. PMI: 29360236

Ayyappan JP, Vinnard C, Subbian S, Nagajyothi JF (2018) Effect of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection on adipocyte physiology. Microbes Infect 20: 81-88. PMI: 29109018

Zimmerman M, Lestner J, Prideaux B, O'Brien P, Freedman I, Chen C, Dietzold J, Daudelin I, Kaya F, Blanc L, Chen PY, Park S, Salgame P, Sarathy J, Dartois V (2017) Ethambutol partitioning in tuberculous pulmonary lesions explains its clinical efficacy. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. PMI: 28696241

Zhao Y, Prideaux B, Nagasaki Y, Lee MH, Chen PY, Blanc L, Ho H, Clancy CJ, Nguyen MH, Dartois V, Perlin DS (2017) Unraveling Drug Penetration of Echinocandin Antifungals at the Site of Infection in an Intra-abdominal Abscess Model. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 61. PMI: 28739797

Yurieva O, Nikiforov V, Jr., Nikiforov V, O'Donnell M, Mustaev A (2017) Insights into RNA polymerase catalysis and adaptive evolution gained from mutational analysis of a locus conferring rifampicin resistance. Nucleic Acids Res 45: 11327-11340. PMI: 29036608

Yee M, Gopal P, Dick T (2017) Missense Mutations in the Unfoldase ClpC1 of the Caseinolytic Protease Complex Are Associated with Pyrazinamide Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 61. PMI: 27872068

Yang T, Moreira W, Nyantakyi SA, Chen H, Aziz DB, Go ML, Dick T (2017) Amphiphilic Indole Derivatives as Antimycobacterial Agents: Structure-Activity Relationships and Membrane Targeting Properties. J Med Chem. PMI: 28290692

Yamada Y, Dick T (2017) Mycobacterial Caseinolytic Protease Gene Regulator ClgR Is a Substrate of Caseinolytic Protease. mSphere 2. PMI: 28317028

Wiedman GR, Zhao Y, Mustaev A, Ping J, Vishnubhotla R, Johnson ATC, Perlin DS (2017) An Aptamer-Based Biosensor for the Azole Class of Antifungal Drugs. mSphere 2. PMI: 28861519

Van Dijck P, Brown NA, Goldman GH, Rutherford J, Xue C, Van Zeebroeck G (2017) Nutrient Sensing at the Plasma Membrane of Fungal Cells. Microbiol Spectr 5. PMI: 28256189

Tasker C, Davidow A, Roche NE, Chang TL (2017) Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate administration alters immune markers for HIV preference and increases susceptibility of peripheral CD4(+) T cells to HIV infection. Immunohorizons 1: 223-235. PMI: 29188238

Tanner AW, Carabetta VJ, Martinie RJ, Mashruwala AA, Boyd JM, Krebs C, Dubnau D (2017) The RicAFT (YmcA-YlbF-YaaT) complex carries two [4Fe-4S]2+ clusters and may respond to redox changes. Mol Microbiol 104: 837-850. PMI: 28295778

Schlachter S, Chan K, Marras SAE, Parveen N (2017) Detection and Differentiation of Lyme Spirochetes and Other Tick-Borne Pathogens from Blood Using Real-Time PCR with Molecular Beacons. Methods Mol Biol 1616: 155-170. PMI: 28600768

Prevedel L, Morocho C, Bennett MVL, Eugenin EA (2017) HIV-Associated Cardiovascular Disease: Role of Connexin 43. Am J Pathol 187: 1960-1970. PMI: 28688235

Negatu DA, Liu JJJ, Zimmerman M, Kaya F, Dartois V, Aldrich CC, Gengenbacher M, Dick T (2017) Whole cell screen of fragment library identifies gut microbiota metabolite indole propionic acid as antitubercular. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. PMI: 29229639

Naqvi S, Drlica K (2017) Fluoroquinolones as imaging agents for bacterial infection. . Dalton Transactions 46: 14452-14460. PMI:

Mustaev A, Roberts J, Gottesman M (2017) Transcription elongation. Transcription 8: 150-161. PMI: 28301288

Mukherjee D, Wu ML, Teo JWP, Dick T (2017) Vancomycin and clarithromycin show synergy against Mycobacterium abscessus in vitro. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. PMI: 28923867

Moreira W, Santhanakrishnan S, Ngan GJ, Low CB, Sangthongpitag K, Poulsen A, Dymock BW, Dick T (2017) Towards Selective Mycobacterial ClpP1P2 Inhibitors with Reduced Activity Against the Human Proteasome. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. PMI: 28193668

Moreira W, Santhanakrishnan S, Dymock BW, Dick T (2017) Bortezomib Warhead-Switch Confers Dual Activity against Mycobacterial Caseinolytic Protease and Proteasome and Selectivity against Human Proteasome. Front Microbiol 8: 746. PMI: 28496439

Mishra BB, Lovewell RR, Olive AJ, Zhang G, Wang W, Eugenin E, Smith CM, Phuah JY, Long JE, Dubuke ML, Palace SG, Goguen JD, Baker RE, Nambi S, Mishra R, Booty MG, Baer CE, Shaffer SA, Dartois V, McCormick BA, Chen X, Sassetti CM (2017) Nitric oxide prevents a pathogen-permissive granulocytic inflammation during tuberculosis. Nat Microbiol 2: 17072. PMI: 28504669

Megra BW, Eugenin EA, Berman JW (2017) The Role of Shed PrP(c) in the Neuropathogenesis of HIV Infection. Journal of immunology 199: 224-232. PMI: 28533442

Malik S, Theis M, Eugenin EA (2017) Connexin43 Containing Gap Junction Channels Facilitate HIV Bystander Toxicity: Implications in NeuroHIV. Front Mol Neurosci 10: 404. PMI: 29259541

Malik S, Eugenin EA (2017) Role of Connexin and Pannexin containing channels in HIV infection and NeuroAIDS. Neurosci Lett. PMI: 28886986

Luan G, Hong Y, Drlica K, Zhao X (2017) Suppression of reactive-oxygen-species accumulation accounts for paradoxical bacterial survival at high quinolone concentration. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. PMI: 29229642

Low JL, Wu ML, Aziz DB, Laleu B, Dick T (2017) Screening of TB Actives for Activity against Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Delivers High Hit Rates. Front Microbiol 8: 1539. PMI: 28861054

Lee MH, Wiedman G, Park S, Mustaev A, Zhao Y, Perlin DS (2017) A novel, tomographic imaging probe for rapid diagnosis of fungal keratitis. Med Mycol. PMI: 29228372

Kurthkoti K, Amin H, Marakalala MJ, Ghanny S, Subbian S, Sakatos A, Livny J, Fortune SM, Berney M, Rodriguez GM (2017) The Capacity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis To Survive Iron Starvation Might Enable It To Persist in Iron-Deprived Microenvironments of Human Granulomas. mBio 8. PMI: 28811344

Kumar K, Chen J, Drlica K, Shopsin B (2017) Dysfunction of the agr virulence regulator modulates antimicrobial-mediated killing of Staphylococcus aureus. . mBio 8: e01476-01417. . PMI:

Kordalewska M, Zhao Y, Lockhart SR, Chowdhary A, Berrio I, Perlin DS (2017) Rapid and Accurate Molecular Identification of the Emerging Multidrug-Resistant Pathogen Candida auris. J Clin Microbiol 55: 2445-2452. PMI: 28539346

Kolloli A, Subbian S (2017) Host-Directed Therapeutic Strategies for Tuberculosis. Front Med (Lausanne) 4: 171. PMI: 29094039

Kang JY, Olinares PD, Chen J, Campbell EA, Mustaev A, Chait BT, Gottesman ME, Darst SA (2017) Structural basis of transcription arrest by coliphage HK022 Nun in an Escherichia coli RNA polymerase elongation complex. Elife 6. PMI: 28318486

Jimenez-Ortigosa C, Moore C, Denning DW, Perlin DS (2017) Emergence of Echinocandin Resistance Due to a Point Mutation in the fks1 Gene of Aspergillus fumigatus in a Patient with Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 61. PMI: 28923871

Jenull S, Tscherner M, Gulati M, Nobile CJ, Chauhan N, Kuchler K (2017) The Candida albicans HIR histone chaperone regulates the yeast-to-hyphae transition by controlling the sensitivity to morphogenesis signals. Sci Rep 7: 8308. PMI: 28814742

Hong Y, Li L, Luan G, Drlica K, Zhao X (2017) Contribution of reactive oxygen species to thymineless death in Escherichia coli. Nat Microbiol 2: 1667-1675. PMI: 28970486

Healey KR, Nagasaki Y, Zimmerman M, Kordalewska M, Park S, Zhao Y, Perlin DS (2017) The Gastrointestinal Tract Is a Major Source of Echinocandin Drug Resistance in a Murine Model of Candida glabrata Colonization and Systemic Dissemination. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 61. PMI: 28971865

Gopal P, Tasneen R, Yee M, Lanoix JP, Sarathy J, Rasic G, Li L, Dartois V, Nuermberger E, Dick T (2017) In Vivo-Selected Pyrazinoic Acid-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains Harbor Missense Mutations in the Aspartate Decarboxylase PanD and the Unfoldase ClpC1. ACS Infect Dis 3: 492-501. PMI: 28271875

Gopal P, Nartey W, Ragunathan P, Sarathy JP, Kaya F, Yee M, Setzer C, Manimekalai MSS, Dartois V, Gruber G, Dick T (2017) Pyrazinoic acid inhibits mycobacterial coenzyme A biosynthesis by binding to aspartate decarboxylase PanD. ACS Infect Dis. PMI: 28991455

Diethmaier C, Chawla R, Canzoneri A, Kearns DB, Lele PP, Dubnau D (2017) Viscous drag on the flagellum activates Bacillus subtilis entry into the K-state. Mol Microbiol. PMI: 28800172

Couret J, Tasker C, Kim J, Sihvonen T, Fruitwala S, Quayle AJ, Lespinasse P, Heller DS, Chang TL (2017) Differential regulation of IFNalpha, IFNbeta and IFNepsilon gene expression in human cervical epithelial cells. Cell Biosci 7: 57. PMI: 29118969

Chang TL, Tasker C, Subbian S, Gao P, Couret J, Levine C, Ghanny S, Soteropoulos P, Zhao X, Landau N, Lu W (2017) Interferon epsilon protects primary macrophages against HIV infection. J Immunology 198: 158.115. PMI:

Castellano P, Prevedel L, Eugenin EA (2017) HIV-infected macrophages and microglia that survive acute infection become viral reservoirs by a mechanism involving Bim. Sci Rep 7: 12866. PMI: 28993666

Calderon TM, Williams DW, Lopez L, Eugenin EA, Cheney L, Gaskill PJ, Veenstra M, Anastos K, Morgello S, Berman JW (2017) Dopamine Increases CD14(+)CD16(+) Monocyte Transmigration across the Blood Brain Barrier: Implications for Substance Abuse and HIV Neuropathogenesis. J Neuroimmune Pharmacol 12: 353-370. PMI: 28133717

Bulman ZP, Chen L, Walsh TJ, Satlin MJ, Qian Y, Bulitta JB, Peloquin CA, Holden PN, Nation RL, Li J, Kreiswirth BN, Tsuji BT (2017) Polymyxin Combinations Combat Escherichia coli Harboring mcr-1 and blaNDM-5: Preparation for a Postantibiotic Era. mBio 8. PMI: 28743810

Boyce KJ, Wang Y, Verma S, Shakya VPS, Xue C, Idnurm A (2017) Mismatch Repair of DNA Replication Errors Contributes to Microevolution in the Pathogenic Fungus Cryptococcus neoformans. mBio 8. PMI: 28559486

Aziz DB, Low JL, Wu ML, Gengenbacher M, Teo JWP, Dartois V, Dick T (2017) Rifabutin Is Active against Mycobacterium abscessus Complex. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 61. PMI: 28396540

Aslanyan L, Sanchez DA, Valdebenito S, Eugenin EA, Ramos RL, Martinez LR (2017) The Crucial Role of Biofilms in Cryptococcus neoformans Survival within Macrophages and Colonization of the Central Nervous System. J Fungi (Basel) 3. PMI: 29371529

Arrigucci R, Bushkin Y, Radford F, Lakehal K, Vir P, Pine R, Martin D, Sugarman J, Zhao Y, Yap GS, Lardizabal AA, Tyagi S, Gennaro ML (2017) FISH-Flow, a protocol for the concurrent detection of mRNA and protein in single cells using fluorescence in situ hybridization and flow cytometry. Nat Protoc 12: 1245-1260. PMI: 28518171

Ariazi J, Benowitz A, De Biasi V, Den Boer ML, Cherqui S, Cui H, Douillet N, Eugenin EA, Favre D, Goodman S, Gousset K, Hanein D, Israel DI, Kimura S, Kirkpatrick RB, Kuhn N, Jeong C, Lou E, Mailliard R, Maio S, Okafo G, Osswald M, Pasquier J, Polak R, Pradel G, de Rooij B, Schaeffer P, Skeberdis VA, Smith IF, Tanveer A, Volkmann N, Wu Z, Zurzolo C (2017) Tunneling Nanotubes and Gap Junctions-Their Role in Long-Range Intercellular Communication during Development, Health, and Disease Conditions. Front Mol Neurosci 10: 333. PMI: 29089870

Al Laham N, Chavda KD, Cienfuegos-Gallet AV, Kreiswirth BN, Chen L (2017) Genomic Characterization of VIM Metallo-beta-Lactamase-Producing Alcaligenes faecalis from Gaza, Palestine. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 61. PMI: 28848020


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